Live chat with Dr. Robert Melillo

In this live interview, hosted by Patricia Spear Lemer (author of Outsmarting Autism), Dr. Melillo will discuss the role of brain imbalances in Autism spectrum disorders. ​Dr. Robert Melillo is one of the world’s most sought after and respected experts in Developmental Functional Neurology, Brain Imbalances, hemispheric integration and the diagnosis and correction of most neurobehavioral disorders and learning disabilities.

Live webinar with Dr. James Adams
In this live webinar, hosted by Patricia Spear Lemer, Dr. Adams will present the results of the study using fecal microbiome and common metabolome markers in patients with PTHS to identify conditions new therapeutic options to address GI-related ASD symptoms and behaviors.

The Journal of Lifestyle Medicine interview with Patty starts at 6:35


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Live Training Series with Dr. Michael Elice 

In this live training session, hosted by Patricia Spear Lemer, Dr. Elice will provide the foundation to approach diets, nutritional deficiencies and general guidelines for possible nutritional interventions for people diagnosed with Autism. Dr. Elice is a board certified pediatrician and is certified in Hyperbaric Medicine, and has treated Autistic Spectrum Disorders, mitochondrial, PANDAS, immune and metabolic dysregulation for the past 10 years.

Epidemic Answers

Webinar Series:

Outsmarting Autism with Patty Lemer

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Live webinar with Dr. William Shaw

​​In this live webinar, Dr. Shaw discussed the testing and various treatments of mold in Autism and other neuropsychiatric conditions.


Patricia S. Lemer

Author, Lecturer, counselor, educator

Live Webinar with Brian Hooker

An excellent podcast! Patty Lemer, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with people on the ASD spectrum as well as other neurodivergent conditions, is at her best! Listen, learn, and buy her book as a comprehensive resource.

  • Why Every Child with Autism Needs a Vision Exam with Joye Newman37:50
  • Why Every Child with Autism Needs a Vision Exam with Joye Newman34:33

Outsmarting Autism's visual issues with Patricia Lemer

Denise discusses ways to address visual challenges within the autism community with expert Patricia Lemer.  Patricia doesn't  advise doing vision therapy first, so be sure to listen to the end.